Nebraskans for Peace Statement on the Crisis in the Ukraine

Paul A. Olson
Chair, Anti-War Committee

Nebraskans for Peace calls on the world community to respond to the Ukrainian request for the deployment of United Nations peacekeepers along the borders between Russia and Ukraine. We also urge the officials of the nations who will soon be meeting in Geneva — the United States, the European Union, Russia and Ukraine — not only to seek a diplomatic resolution to the crisis, but to turn those issues which are still unresolved after their private meetings over to public international mediation. We further request that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also be a participant in the Geneva negotiations.

Nebraskans for Peace believes the crisis on the border between Russia and Ukraine is treading dangerously close to war. Though the U.S. probably would not initially be implicated in such an armed conflict, the alliance between the Ukraine and the European Union and the overlap between that alliance and NATO promises to involve the U.S. eventually. The entire Russian Federation would also be involved on the other side.

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Judge Gives Anti-Nuclear Weapons Protesters a Way to Voice Their Cause

by Barb and Hank Van den Berg

On July 13, 2013, 24 “PeaceWorks-KC” protesters were arrested for trespassing after they crossed the property line of the National Nuclear Security Administration’s Kansas City Plant in Missouri. This new five-building facility makes 85 percent of the components that go into U.S. nuclear weapons, according to defense contractor Honeywell. The anti-nuclear protesters included priests, sisters, Catholic Workers and other peace activists from both the Kansas City and Des Moines areas. Some of the arrested pleaded not guilty, some refused to pay court fees, and several requested a jury trial in order to share their nonviolent message with a jury of their peers.

On December 13, 2013, eight of the arrested came before a court in Kansas City, Missouri. Presiding was Judge Ardie Bland. He stated in court, “I volunteered to take this case because I’ve done this before with Mr. Stoever, and I find it interesting. If you’re not getting to anyone else, you’re getting to me. I think you’re educating, because every time I learn something.” Judge Bland is sympathetic to the need to question laws from his study of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States.

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The Latest Nebraska Report is Available to Download

The March/April 2014 Nebraska Report is available. Download it TODAY!

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NFP Scholarships to High School Seniors

Nebraskans for Peace is offering scholarships to graduating high school seniors. Three $500 scholarships and six $100 scholarships will be awarded to seniors who wish to pursue a college education. The awards, based upon written essays, will be evenly divided among the three congressional districts. The recipients will be students who wish to further their education in an area consistent with the mission of Nebraskans for Peace: peace with justice through community building, education and political action.

Applications should go within the body of an email (not as an attachment) to on or before April 8, 2014. Winners will be notified no later than April 22.

The application must include:

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Support LB 965 on the True Cost of Electrical Power

Senator Ken Haar's LB 965 addressing the true cost of fossil fuel-generated electricity by Nebraska's public power utilities will be debated on the floor of the Legislature starting tomorrow, Tuesday, April 1st. Please take a quick moment to call or email your state senator to urge their support for LB 965. The statement below, prepared by the Nebraska Sierra Club, provides more explanation about Senator Haar's bill. Telephone and email contact information for your state senator can be found HERE!

Beginning this week, the Nebraska Legislature will consider a bill to level the playing field for clean energy.

Currently, when considering future energy options, our state's public power districts do not take into account the full costs of relying on fossil fuels for power. The fact that fossil fuel generation requires billions of gallons of water every year, water that is vital to all life and is the lifeblood of Nebraska's agricultural economy, is not factored into these decisions.

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