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China, Solar and ‘Soft Power’

By Bruce E. Johansen, Frederick W. Kayser Professor at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and the author of the forthcoming Climate Change: An Encyclopedia of Science, Society, and Solutions.

China has gone on a solar-power building binge meant explicitly to show the world that it now leads on climate change, and that the United States under President Donald Trump is on its way to global irrelevance. Trump, as has been his custom, is doubling down on stupidity.

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The Slow Work of Whiteclay

by Paul Olson, President Emeritus

Recently, the Liquor Commission and Attorney General, under pressure from the Nebraska Legislature, churches and a variety of groups voted to close Whiteclay liquor stores—the culmination of a 40-year battle by Nebraskans for Peace and a century-long battle by the Native Americans at the Pine Ridge.

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Turn Your Worry About Climate Change into Hope

by Mark Welsch, Co-Leader of Citizens’ Climate Lobby-Omaha Chapter
& NFP Omaha Coordinator

A great opportunity is coming up for you to make a big difference to help stop global warming from getting much worse. Yes, you can help stop it! Just a few minutes of your time will help over a thousand of us who will be lobbying your member of Congress (MOC) in Washington, D.C. on June 13th—to urge them to take action on passing a revenue-neutral law to tax fossil fuels and pay people all of that money. This is the single most tactic for halting global warming in our lifetimes.

To change your worry about global warming and climate change into hope, join us by taking the following easy, quick and influential actions:

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Kevin Martin to Speak in Omaha, Lincoln and Grand Island!

The president of America’s largest peace and justice organization will speak on the subject of “A Future of Care and Peacemaking or War and Waste? — The 2018 Federal Budget Debate” in Omaha on June 10, in Lincoln on June 11, and in Grand Island on June 12. Information for each event is below.

Kevin Martin is the national president of Peace Action, the country’s leading peace advocacy organization with 200,000 supporters nationwide, over 30 state level affiliates and over 100 local chapters.

The White House’s proposed 2018 Federal Budget calls for massive cuts in domestic services to boost Pentagon spending by ten percent over its already more than half a trillion-dollar total. Agriculture, education, social services, healthcare and the environment are all targeted for cutbacks to shift an additional $52 billion to a military budget that is presently larger than the next seven countries combined (several of which are America’s close allies). Fifty-two billion dollars exceeds the total amount Russia annually spends on its military.

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Video of the Climate Scientists at the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Meeting

The following video shows the Nebraska Peace Foundation asking Warren Buffet and the shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway to divest from fossil fuels. Climate Change needs to be the topic of conversation at all large corporate meetings.

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