Come out and attend an event in your community and be a visible sign of the peace and justice movement in Nebraska

Upcoming Whiteclay Events

Whiteclay Prayer Vigil (Lincoln)
Wednesday, September 28th, 6:30 p.m.
Double Eagle Budweiser Distributorship, 5840 N. 70th Street (near Cornhusker Hwy)

Creighton University Film Screening
September 29th, 7 p.m., Harper Center Ballroom

Whiteclay Prayer Vigil (Omaha)
Friday, September 30th, 6:30 p.m.
Quality Brands Budweiser Distributorship, 13255 Centech Road (I-80 West, Harrison Street Exit #442)

Walk to End Whiteclay
Scottsbluff to Whiteclay
October 16th-22nd, 2016
Walking 154-miles from the Scottsbluff Budweiser Distribution to Whiteclay over a 7-Day period would be hugely symbolic. But it's also far less conventional. We don't need dozens of participants to volunteer to walk, but we would like 5-6 to volunteer to walk at least one-day, even if it's in a relay format where participants walk 5-6 miles each. Seven of us, including Nebraskans for Peace member Jeff Mohr, walked from the Wounded Knee Massacre Site to Whiteclay (19-miles over six hours) as part of last year's Summit. Beyond the symbolism, I can tell you that last year's walk was incredibly healing for me, as I focused not only on how many lives had been lost, but also many lives could still be saved by shutting down Whiteclay's beer stores. 

Whiteclay Leadership Summit
Pine Ridge, South Dakota
October 20th-22nd, 2016
Nebraskans for Peace were some of the first activists to have a presence in Whiteclay. This would be a great event for any newer members who haven't been to Whiteclay before. The film and photos do a pretty good job of describing what's happening out there, but seeing really is believing. We've included a panel for Nebraska organizations (like Nebraskans for Peace) on Thursday, October 20th, at 3:30 p.m., as well as Break-Out Sessions at 7:30 p.m. in the evenings for organizations and activists to get together and brainstorm future efforts. We also plan to conduct a prayer vigil outside of Arrowhead Liquor on Saturday afternoon, October 22nd, as the walkers arrive in Whiteclay after completing the final 22-mile leg of their walk from Scottsbluff.
Pray for Whiteclay
Sunday, November 20, 2016

Whiteclay Coalition Meeting
October 5 at 6:00 in room 230 in UNO’s CEC building, Omaha.


an art exhibition featuring the work of incarcerated men in Nebraska
Indigo Bridge Books, 701 P Street, Suite 102, Lincoln, NE 68508

All sales will directly support the artists. Donations will be collected at the exhibition for a book-to-prisoner project in Nebraska. Exhibit on display until October 31st

Populism: Past and Present – What’s in a Name?

Tuesday, October 25th at 7 P.M.
Antelope Park Church of the Brethren, 3645 Sumner St., Lincoln NE

It is free and open to the public.

The discussion will also ask the questions, “Was Populism Racist? Socialism, Libertarianism, Populism: What’s the Difference? What About the 2016 Election?”

Discussants will be Senator Laura Ebke of the Nebraska Legislature; Professor William Pratt, emeritus of History, UNO; and Professor Paul Olson, retired UNL.

The discussion will be particularly relevant to the upcoming election, though it will endorse no candidates, in that many labels have been applied to movements in this election. Candidates as different as Mr. Trump and Mr. Sanders have been called Populists; the Libertarians are on the ballot in all fifty states and claim to speak for individual liberty; and some critics have condemned parts of the Democratic platform as Socialistic. We will try to sort this out.

The panelists have a history of working with strands of the discussion:

Senator Laura Ebke holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of Nebraska. Much of her academic research focused on political behavior and political philosophy. In addition to her degree from UNL, Ebke holds a Masters in Political Science from the University of Memphis, and a Bachelor’s Degree from Excelsior University. She has recently joined the Libertarians.

Bill Pratt is professor emeritus of history at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. His research focuses on the 20th century agrarian left, or what happened after "historic Populism." A recent publication, "Observations from My Life with Farm Movements in the Upper Midwest," appeared in the summer 2014 issue of South Dakota History.

Paul Olson is a former professor of English and head of the Center for Great Plains Studies. He has interested himself in 1890s Populism in Nebraska and its continuities in the regimes of Bryan, Wilson, Roosevelt and later farm movements.

Contact: Paul A. Olson 402-475-1318 3455 L Street, Lincoln, NE 68510



The Nebrakans for Peace ANNUAL PEACE CONFERENCE will be held this year on October 29, in Omaha, NE. Mark your calendars and click HERE to download your registration form! Register TODAY!

Help Stop Global Warming - It Can Be Done!

WHEN: Second Saturday of Every Month, at 11:45am
WHERE: Augustana Lutheran Church, 3647 Lafayette Ave, Omaha, NE

Our meetings are a time to learn something new and renew our connection to those we are working with on the all-important issue of climate change locally, nationally and internationally. The meetings feature a conference call with the Citizens' Climate Lobby organization (which starts promptly at noon), followed by discussion of local actions.

If you can't join us, please write a letter to the editor about global warming and send it to the Omaha World Herald - (or your favorite local paper found here:

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

CCL's mission is to create the political will for a livable world. We train and support volunteers to reclaim their democracy and engage elected officials and the media to generate the political will for solutions that will stabilize the Earth’s climate. Our focus is to build support for federal legislation to place a steadily increasing fee on fossil fuels in which all of the revenue is returned directly to households.

If you are not near Omaha, you may find a CCL meeting anywhere in the world (Yes, this is a world wide problem with a world wide effort to solve it) at

Peace Vigils Every Saturday in Omaha

Join us every Saturday from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. for our weekly Peace and Justice Vigil on the northwest corner of 72 & Dodge St. in Omaha, NE
Contact Steve Horn for more info: 402-426-9068
Bring and hold your favorite sign, a hula-hoop and do some Hooping for Peace or just come take a stand for something good.
If you don't walk, bike, bus or ride in a carpool to this, please park in the lot on the Northeast corner of 72nd & Dodge Street.

Peace Vigils Monthly in Grand Island

The Cental Nebraska Peace Workers Chapter of Nebraskans for Peace meets on the 4th Sunday of every month.
The group meets at Trinity United Methodist Church, 511 N Elm, at 3pm.
The Peace vigils are held the following Wednesday at 5pm on the corner of State St and Webb St,
by the Grand Island mall.
For any questions, contact Del Roper at (308) 384-3266.

Evening programs and vigil schedule to be announced below.

Everyone is welcome, especially those in the Omaha area! Come for an hour or for the whole three days.
 9 1/2 minute video reenactment on the Hiroshima bombing:

Democracy Now Aug 5, 2005 - Long-Suppressed Nagasaki Article Discovered

Defying US occupation forces, George Weller was the first reporter into Nagasaki after the US dropped the atomic bomb. His 25,000 word
report did not get past the US military censors. Now dead, we speak with Weller’s son who has just discovered the carbon copy of the
long-suppressed article.
"The Lies Of Hiroshima Are The Lies Of Today" by John Pilger, Aug 06, 2008
 The schedule for the vigil is: Aug 5 - Thursday: Evening –  People are welcome to attend Mass and a Potluck Dinner at
the Omaha CWer starting at 6 p.m. at 1104 N. 24th St. Omaha.  Call ahead if you able to do so. Contact Jerry Ebner - - 402- 502- 5887 for more info.

Vigilers arriving in Omaha will set up base in basement of St John's Church - Creighton Uni.
Please consider bringing food to share with others.
There is plenty of floor space for any and all who wish to attend from out of town. Anyone needing a bed or any other special accommodations please
contact Jerry Ebner and the folks at the Omaha CW., 402-502-5887
Aug 6 - Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Vigil at Offutt /STRATCOM, the Kenny Gate ( )
Bring a chair, sunscreen, blankets, umbrella. Water and Juices are provided.

7:30 p.m. Showing of the film "Original Child Bomb" in the basement of St
John's Church on the Creighton campus.

Aug 7 - Saturday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Vigil at Offutt /STRATCOM, the Kenny Gate ( see above details to bring)

7:30 p.m. Showing of the film "The Forgotten Bomb - the truth about nuclear weapons"

Aug 8 - Sunday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Vigil at Offutt /STRATCOM, the Kenny Gate

7:30 p.m Group Discussion: "Why is Offutt AFB the most dangerous place on the planet and what does it have to do with the A-Bombing of
Hiroshima and Nagasaki?"


Aug 9 - Monday
8 a.m. to 11 a.m. Vigil with closing ceremony and prayer (and line crossing if anyone is up to it.)

Contact People for more info:

Jerry Ebner, Omaha CW
1104 N. 24th St. Omaha, Nebraska USA 68102
402- 502- 5887

Frank Cordaro , Phil Berrigan CW House
713 Indiana Avenue, Des Moines, IA  50314
(515) 490-2490

Omaha Catholic Worker
Jerry Ebner, Mike Brennan
1104 N. 24th St. Omaha, Nebraska USA 68102
402- 502- 5887


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